Antimicrobial Packaging for Food Products

More than 200 billion MT of food are transferred each year worldwide. It has been always a tough challenge for manufacturers of food products to protect the products against microbial contamination, make the products last longer and prevent spoilage of the products during the process of packing, storage and transportation. Dealing with this challenge has been complex and cost-intensive forever.

We are proud to present a brilliant invention that would makes a great revolution in various industries. A biodegradable antimicrobial polymer, which could be used in a wide range of products to benefit the anti-microbial property.

One of the major practical applications of this polymer is in packaging of food products with the purpose of protecting food products against microbial contamination as well as increasing longevity and freshness of products without any additives, which makes it an undeniable product. It could also be considered as decisive advantages of the invention that the quality of food products will be maintained longer with it and transportation and storage costs will be considerably reduced as well.

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