Revolutionary Tissue Paper
Hygienic and Antimicrobial

One of the innovations that we are working on is a new generation of tissue papers that could be considered as a revolution in this industry.

The product is an innovative, nanotech, antimicrobial and anti-fungus tissue paper, which has been developed based on Nano-silver technology and a method of synthesizing biodegradable antimicrobial polymer.

A polymer is synthesized by mixing with a Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) a waste material of paper tissue (WMPT), at least one antimicrobial agent, Nano cellulose and Nano bentonite. Optionally, a nanocomposite suspension is added.

The product has got the production license from FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) due to distinct tests.

It could be used for producing various kinds of tissues such as facial tissues, toilet paper and towels.

In daily routine activities, hands are in direct contact with various surfaces contaminated with different bacteria, which could cause serious health problems. This product is an effective solution to clean up hands and remove all bacteria.

The product is also ideal for removing contamination and destroying pathogens from different surfaces and tools such as work table, keyboards and cell phones, which are proper places for accumulation and growth of bacteria.

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