Innovation of Toilet Paper Roll

A new and creative product has been developed in Modern Sunrise Innovation GmbH, as the innovation of toilet paper rolls that can be considered as a revolution in cellulose industry. The product solves distinct disadvantages of traditional toilet paper rolls, which has not been changed since 1891.

Traditional toilet paper rolls are unhealthy, inconvenient and non-commercial consumable products. The innovation is developed to solve various problems of traditional toilet paper rolls.

Traditional toilet paper rolls are uncomfortable Products due to perforation problems for instance low quality perforations and sometimes no-perforation that lead to inconvenient sheet separation as well as manual contamination.

Furthermore, toilet paper rolls are uncovered and are mostly used in bathrooms, which are humid environments and consequently are not protected against humidity and water. It means insanitary bacterial circuit and bacterial pollution and other environmental and manual contamination.

Lack of the power for brand awareness can be considered as a further significant disadvantage of traditional toilet paper rolls


In Modern Sunrise Innovation GmbH, we have developed an innovative and creative product to solve the problems of toilet paper rolls. In this way, all different aspects have been considered, to provide a practical alternative for traditional toilet paper rolls.

The major feathers and advantages of the developed product are as follows:

  • Well-favored design
  • Fully PE covered
  • Sanitary protection
    (no bacterial contamination)
  • Humidity protection
  • Water protection
  • Manual contamination protection
  • No perforation
    (Full cut separated sheets)
  • Ultra-convenient use
  • Economical consumption
  • Brand presence up to the last sheet
  • Suitable for all kinds of toilet roll holders
  • Fit together for an efficient and economic packing and transportation saving

Many experts believe that traditional toilet paper rolls will be replaced by this revolutionary innovation all over the world in the near future and it will change the industry.

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